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Prohaus Group is a women-led, next generation financial brand fostering alternative investment innovations through a private global ecosystem and venture funds supporting innovation impact entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors. Since inception, we have helped over 500+ financial institutions and early stage companies with venture capital and private equity services.

Our Mission

Building a data-driven, trusted global ecosystem
for impactful and innovative companies.
Our experiences as fintech entrepreneurs, angel investors, and startup/SME program leaders have helped us uncover an untapped market 
of innovative and impact founders (both startups and SMEs) with neoteric technologies yet have a dire need for venture 
capital support in order sustain their growth potential and 
make a positive impact. We collaborate and support early and growth stage companies (tech startups and SMEs) who together serve as the catalyst to make a greater impact and foster economic growth. Together we're collectively driving a cultural shift toward more open sourced, impactful and collaborative ecosystems.


McKenzie M. Slaughter
Founder & CEO

McKenzie M. Slaughter is a finance and technology entrepreneurial leader with 10+ years of software development, tech startups, economic ecosystem development, and alternative capital raising. Introduced to computer science at 16, by age 18 started programming at NASA Langley. McKenzie founded Prohaus Group in 2009 and leads the vision as Founder & CEO, and leads for all venture capital and financial innovation initiatives for the company.

McKenzie got her start in building startup ecosystems as former COO and startup advisor at MD Idea Lab, a Boston-based accelerator for digital healthcare startups. She is an active mentor and capital partner with several venture programs focused on the development of entrepreneurs in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. Most recent venture programs McKenzie has worked with are World Bank’s Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project, Pitch Agrihack (CTA), InnovatetheNext Foundation, and Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. As General Partner for Prohaus Capital, early stage investments include Socredly, Beyond Capital Markets, Mindful Society, Honor AI, and Osusu Labs.

McKenzie M. Slaughter received an M.B.A. in finance from Hofstra University and Bachelors of Science in mathematics and computer science from Hampton University. McKenzie is a has also received CAIA / 100 Women in Hedge Funds scholarship.Prior to starting Prohaus, she specialized in brand capital for global consumer and technology brands. McKenzie led brand strategy for post M&A transactions for Thomson Reuters and for a variety of financial and retail portfolio companies for OMERS Private Equity and Bain Capital. Her experience in brand capital helped transform her career into alternative investment consulting. McKenzie has held executive roles in hedge fund due diligence and private equity real estate firms. To date, McKenzie has successfully raised $75 million for start-up and commercial real estate projects.

McKenzie M. Slaughter received an M.B.A. in finance from Hofstra University and Bachelors of Science in mathematics and computer science from Hampton University. McKenzie is a has also received CAIA / 100 Women in Hedge Funds scholarship.

Wonder Women Tech
2016 Conference & Expo


Prohaus Capital is a women-led venture capital firm headquartered in Los Angeles that focuses on seed and early stage investments in global first founders with untapped potential who bridge the gaps between innovation, impact, and neoteric technologies across the U.S. and ACP (Africa, Caribbean, & Pacific).

Prohaus VC is a global collective supporting innovation impact founders, investors, and advisors redefining the entrepreneurial journey.

Prohaus Ratings is a fundraising tool for emerging companies that measures innovation and impact. The Prohaus Ratings Report provides invaluable company data and growth insights for investors and stakeholders.

Prohaus Card is a premier business card for the next generation of startups and small businesses. An all in one company wallet with digital tools, venture programs and travel perks.

2014 Agrihack Caribbean Competition


Prohaus Group partners with CTA to serve as judges and investors for Pitch Agrihack

Prohaus Group & InnovatetheNext Foundation announce the 2016 Smart City Innovation Competition  to help spotlight emerging smart cities and innovators

Prohaus Group announces 2016 EIR to CEO fall cohorts

Prohaus Group & InnovatetheNext hosts 2016 Summer of Impact in St. Kitts & Nevis

Prohaus Group partners with InnovatetheNext to launch remote accelerators and workcations in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa




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